Selection of Grants Awarded in 2023

Animal Rescue

Cat sterilisation programme

Ayuda para la Salud de Perros y Gatos, Guatemala  

 Sterilisation and vaccination programmes 

Cat Assistance Team Garden Route, South Africa

  Support for cat sterilisation programme within poor communities 

Marchig Veterinary Support Outreach Team,

  Sterilisation and care programme on the mainland
and islands of Greece 

Save the Dogs and Other Animals,

Emergency support for the
animals of Ukraine

Worldwide Veterinary Service, UK
Marchig Trust/WVS “Making a Difference Initiative” (Outreach Veterinary Teams’; the supply of veterinary medicines, anti-rabies vaccination, sterilisation; veterinary training and education programmes) and support for the “Mission Rabies Hicks India Training Centre, Goa’, ‘WVS International Training Centre, Ooty’, the ‘Jeanne Marchig International Training Centre, Thailand’ and the WVS Animal Doctors Clinic, Galapagos.