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Help Animals International

 Help Animals International was established in 2013, in memory of the late Jeanne Marchig of Geneva who during her lifetime, excelled internationally and with great distinction within the field of animal welfare and protection.

As a result, she held world-wide recognition and respect for her compassion and concern as a philanthropist, who through her selfless voluntary service and personal generosity, dedicatedly and tirelessly worked in most continents of the world to alleviate the pain and suffering endured by animals, as well as seeking to end the abuse and cruelty inflicted upon them.

The Objects of Help Animals International are to promote and encourage practical work in preventing animal cruelty and the relief of animal suffering, with priority being given to the welfare and protection of domestic cats whether owned, stray or feral. These Objects are pursued by Help Animals International through its Grants programme.

Madam Jeanne Marchig

Help Animals International is a registered charity SCO44384